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2016...Rebirthing The Enlightened Us:

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2016...Rebirthing the Enlightened Us

These portraits reflect the Union of Masculine (gold) with Feminine (silver) within. This Union of two Whole creates a Sacred Geometry form called the "Vesica Pisces" through which the Face appears in the paintings. It is the Universal Yoni through which the aspect holding the frequencies of the Trinity, Mother/Father/Child is birthed, it is the Christed "Child" or the Enlightened You, carrier of frequencies from which, what we see as "miracles," become not only possible but our reality.

When requested for the purpose of healing specific ailments, a Portrait will be designed to address those issues. IF and WHEN appropriate FOR YOUR JOURNEY, the healing occurs by reflecting the frequencies of perfect and radiant health onto the body, cells and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a only a Messenger of what has ALWAYS been within you, I Am a catalyst of its activation by bringing a mirror for you to recognize your True I "AM"dentity. Only the Divine that You are is in charge of what is being mirrored and of activating the healing.

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