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Totem Portraits, Sacred
Expressions of Divinity

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"NEW EARTH" Animal Totem Portraits:

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      Totem Portraits

Healing Portraits:

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FREQUENCIES: The Music of Your Being, December 2016:

 ::  FREQUENCIES: The Music of
      Your Being, December 2016


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2016...Rebirthing The Enlightened Us:

 ::  2016...Rebirthing
      The Enlightened Us

DNA Transformation Art:

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SoulSelf Portrait Gallery
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A New Earth (2011 - Present):

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       of Oneness

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       Inner Child: The Divine
       Child Within

 ::  Pictures that Heal
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The Portraits have again evolved and expanded, uniting us with the many Nature Realms, they reflect a whole new level of Consciousness, the New Earth Consciousness.

Resulting from 19 years of daily inner work to be a clear translator of the Divine within, these portraits are Catalysts activating the Remembrance of your Divinity. Each portrait is a 3 day process and requires 12 to 14 hours of intense focus.

All Portraits are now $400 (a new level of bringing into the physical).

There is no sitting necessary, I only need a name to receive permission to access your Divine Self.

Size: 12" x 18"

Medium: Watercolor and acrylic paint or pens for gold and silver

For more information:

Marie Gargano

E-mail: marie@soulselfportraits.com

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