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FREQUENCIES: The Music of Your Being, December 2016:

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2016...Rebirthing The Enlightened Us:

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The Portraits have expanded to bring all energies into one and now combine DIVINE COSMIC SELVES with DNA transformation Art. Some are also designed to specifically help the New Children who have difficulties adjusting to this plane while others come by request from departed Ones to assist in the healing of their loved ones.

Resulting from 19 years of daily inner work to be a clear translator of the Divine within, these portraits are Catalysts activating the Remembrance of your Divinity. Each portrait is a 3 day process and requires 12 to 14 hours of intense focus.

3 being the number of the catalyst and to reflect the energies of Wholeness encoded in each painting, all Portraits begin at a Love offering of $333.

There is no sitting necessary, I only need a name to receive permission to access your Divine Self.

Size: 12" x 18"

Medium: Watercolor and acrylic paint or pens for gold and silver

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Marie Gargano

E-mail: marie@soulselfportraits.com

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