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Pictures that Heal the Heart

I know there is nothing quite as painful as the loss of a loved one. This gift came to me from the healing of my own heart.
A picture created for you radiates the frequencies of a healed heart and brings your heart into alignment with
its energies of inner peace and joy. A healing of the emotions follows in the timing appropriate for you.


"I lost my husband a year ago and Marie painted a portrait for me recently. I was guided to place the picture where it would be most visible in my house and often felt to look at it, and as I did so, I felt my husband's presence. Soon, I realized that he was communicating with me through the painting.

When I look into the eyes, I feel happy and at peace. As grief overwhelms me, the painting centers and balances me. It lifts me into a higher part of my Self and reminds me of the inner spark that is timeless and One with all."

Barbara S

"I am in love with the painting you made in honor of T and I. Your words in the description rang true all the way to my core and I am at a loss for words when I try to describe how deeply it reflects the celebration of our relationship before and after his passing. Whenever I read your letter and stare at the painting, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and harmony with him and life, and it dissolves the frustration and depression I felt previously. I cannot thank you enough for this gift! You are so talented and intuitive in your ability to create these paintings. Thank you so very much."

Lauren S

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