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Crystal and Floral Portraits

These pictures reflect a "Coming Home," a huge expansion into a previously unmatched level of Consciousness. The joining of two very high and pure frequencies, the Crystals and the Flowers, creates a synergistic effect. The CRYSTALS, as given to me by the Lemurian Crystal Alliance, show the place one holds in the infinite Crystal Lattice (this is different than the crystal grid), while the FlOWERS represent the purity and innocence of the NEW EARTH CHILD, the blossoming NEW EARTH Divine Human Being.

Green Apophylite Morning Glories and Dragonfly

Crystal Being Stellar Beam Calcite

Crystal Being Veracruz Amethyst

Crystal Being Pink Tanzanite

Crystal Being Green Kunzite aka Hiddenite

Crystal Being Rainbow Elestial

Crystal Being Astara


















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