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DNA Transformation Art by Marie-CecileYour experience may differ completely from the ones described below. These are shared only to give you an idea of what MAY occur.

Most who have had a DNA painting done have reported instant and various reactions to the frequencies encoded in their picture. Some have begun experiencing its effects at its completion BEFORE even seeing the picture and as soon as they talked to me over the phone about it.

The effects range from feeling spacey for a day or two as the old "baggage" leaves through the top of the head, to seeing images of "past" lives, and tribal energies being lifted from the body along with little aches and pains, and as one person put it: "going straight to the Heart of God." One felt a lightnening of the energies in her life, while others still have experienced sudden "tummy" cleansings lasting for several hours, then feeling exhausted for a day. One person's whole body vibrated as she held her picture and another reported an energy entering through the top of her head and going all the way down her spine as soon as she talked to me about the painting and to this day still does everytime she looks at it. Several have been filled with wonderfully peaceful feelings when looking at their DNA picture.

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